We continue to grow the concept of managed services- Dilip Rahulan, CEO of Pacific Controls

Dilip-RahulanDilip Rahulan, executive chairman and CEO of Pacific Controls, the technology leaders they pioneered the concept of managed services using Internet of Things as themedium, had said in a recent interview to keralaviews that, we are introducing some concepts into the Dubai Civil Defence project and It is one of our key deliverables to improve the programme on a regular basis. We have identified some very innovative services that can be included which will be delivered soon.

We continue to grow the concept of managed services and provide various services such as energy management, life and safety, machine diagnostics, critical asset monitoring and more. We tend to be a one-stop-shop, thus providing an end-to-end solution right from the edge to the enterprise,” he said.
Apart from the controls and managed services business, the Dubai Technopark-headquartered company has diversified into data centres. Pacific Controls owns and operates one of the region’s largest data centre that’s certified as Tier III.

“We are a UAE-based, home-grown company, with dedication to make our services and smart services programme successfully delivered worldwide. We don’t see our engagements purely from a business relation aspect, but much beyond that – where we feel obliged to deliver unique and innovative solutions to help achieve the vision presented by the leadership of our country,” Rahulan said.
In the UAE, some of Pacific Controls’ flagship projects include 24X7 Dubai Civil Defence, Emirates Energy Star, ICT projects in the Dubai International Airport and Dubai South, and critical asset monitoring, he added.